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Below are some selected projects
They all have an interesting problem that needed to be solved.
I have amassed a large amount of web designs over the years – but these websites listed below came to mind, because of something that the client required that I had to find a solution or solutions to resolve the problem. I have placed a carousel of companies that I have worked with over the years that have giving me challenges that were memorable. You can click the logos to see their sites – if they are still available.

CrossFit Lilburn 678
The Challenge
This client was a memorable experience, as well as, an extension of useful past work in film production. What I mean by this is that the client needed a professional photoshoot primarily for the website and future advertisements for the business. The challenge became apparent when I took on this task, not only to find a photographer that was within budget, but to coordinate with a large group of non-professional volunteer models (25+ people). And it was needed to be done within a 3 hour window of time at the business location.

CrossFit Lilburn 678
The client wanted to update the site in the future, so I created the site using one of my favorite CMS (Content Management System) WordPress (but the updates are crashing my plugins!). So, my original design may have changed, because the client may have moved things around – that seems to be the story with WP clients that want to save a few bucks (my advice, always let the professionals do the updates).

Conducted a Professional Photoshoot
For this photoshoot I only had a couple of weeks to prepare – from finding the photographer to gathering volunteer models from the clients gym that wanted to help in this project. I had to evaluate the person and see which ones would be my primary target models. Overall, the people were very admirable in helping the client and it was a great experience to do this memorable project.
The Challenge
The challenge here was not a photoshoot, but to create two website for one company (Allerpet, Inc. since 1988) that wanted them to be similar for b2b. The client also wanted to add and remove products, but did not want to sell anything from the site. Their main focus is wholesale marketing and recently they got connected with Walmart!

Allerpet Website
Allerpet, Inc. has acquired over the years two products, both being a chemical non-poisonous to help people with their allergies. Allerpet, by its name was created for pet lovers that might have allergies or family members to the cat or dog in the home. This product can be bought online and is on the shelves in some Walmarts. They are planning to expand to all Walmarts soon! See the site I create below.

Demite Website
The deMite product is a laundry additive liquid that eliminates virtually all allergens on sheets, pillowcases and blankets in cool, warm, or hot water. Allerpet, Inc. owns this product, but did not want me to design something completely different. They wanted the two products to have a similar look – but have their own space. The client also wanted to apply updates and changes to the site when they occur, so it was developed in WordPress as well.

Cash Advance Sites
The Challenge
The challenge here is to show you a website in this realm that is still up. What I mean by this is that most “Cash Advance” sites are created with a collaboration of many companies that want to develop this kind of “Cash Loan” site for a short term. I usually only work with the Affiliate Marketing Team as the Web Designer for these small websites, the main goal being the call-to-action form to be filled out by a potential visitor. There is nothing spectacular with these sites – they just need to load-fast and look good. The designs are often changed around by other parties within these collaborations. So, if you see something different than my images or it’s gone – you know why. But I keep all the original files for any updates of changes that may arise.

With most of these websites my job is to come up with a logo, website and some basic selling content (most of the time they have the major content). From a PSD file that I convert to an image to show the concept I receive the updates or changes. Then I cut and code the website with any CSS or JavaScript that makes the site flow well. Sometimes they ask for a mobile function as well, but not always – because they target desktop users.

This site was done just as the Advance.Cash site, but this group decided on a larger background image. I had to make different versions of just the main image, until the stakeholders liked this last family group with a blue color scheme. I had to remove the large background image from the mobile version, because it would not line up without more photo editing. The stakeholders did not want to wait and they agreed to remove it for the mobile version. These type of projects need to be done within 5 to 7 days max, because there are many people involved, as well as, backend coding and testing.

Flo-Control, Inc.
The Challenge
This was not a typical ecommerce website, because the client required a “Get a Quote” button and a “Buy Now” button. A few required both buttons for their products. The reason was explained, because they sold industrial products that depending on the amount you purchase, the shipping, preparation time and the time of sale (month or year) the prices would change.

This ecommerce had some 300+ products, but they were not prepared – it was not a plug-and-play download. It was a project, were the client and I were on the phone and going to websites that had the images and the product details. This project was memorable, because it took over 3 months to complete! Fortunately, this was a great client with a good personality and they keep contacting me for product add-ons.

Example: Get a Quote/Buy Now
Below are some images of the “Get a Quote” and “Buy Now” options and combos that the client required. This was the first time someone required this for their website, so it was one of the things that were memorable on the project.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you were looking at the popup images above, it will continue to these images – so I hope you didn’t get confused! And vice-versa.
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