Charge Less Rhino
A freelance project that was developed by erm3designs and the Client.
The Challenge
This was a Freelance Project – the client wanted to create a monthly-paid social networking WordPress site for business owners that could talk about their business and promote it at the same time.

The Scope of Work
  • Added Web Hosting
  • Created Company Name
  • Created Brand Identity
  • Created all content for this online business

Updated the Project's Concept
As I learned more about the project the client wanted – I began to ask questions regarding this concept, which the client really did not have the answers. So, I did some research and decided to change the concept to a new one, which I presented verbally and with some visual images. The client loved it and saw the potential of my idea change, which was to create a Groupon type website – for small local businesses.
UX Tools
  1. Photoshop
  2. Axure RP Pro
  3. Balsamiq
  4. XMind 8 / Gloomaps.com / Flowmapp.com
  5. Pen and Paper

Persona - Research
I started my research by searching local business that has done Groupon Ads to see their take and to see what could be done to improve the experience. From that discovery I created a couple of personas with Photoshop to have a central focus of the possible users to this site.

Sketches and Mind Mapping
This new idea I created required my favorite tool – the pen and paper – giving me the fastest way to convey my ideas with many sketches. This gave me a sense of where the customer needed to go and how visitors and vendors (business owners) can use this concept. I also, used the mind mapping tool XMind 8 – to show my ideas and share the concept with the client. The above is just an example of many created.
User Flow Chart
Site Map Chart
Site Map Chart 2
User Flow and Site Map
Since the client was onboard with the new direction – I began to search for a system that could be connected with WordPress and have the functions that will be required with the flow of the site. I used the Axure RP Pro to map out the user flow. I used www.gloomaps.com for a simple site map for me and then showed the client a visual site map with www.flowmapp.com that gives a better view of possible pages for the client to see - the above are some examples.

With my sketches as a template, the user flow and the site map completed – I started to develop the structure of the website with Balsamiq and how I wanted to relay my concept to the visitors and the vendors.
Branding and Style Guide
Since the client did not have name for the idea – I came up with several names and the client chose ChargeLessRhino.com. From there I developed the logo with Photoshop and the style guide for the brand.
Design and Content
The design structure, formatting of the pages and content was created by me – but the WordPress template and database was from a 3rd party vendor. The client did not have any idea of the specifics for this project, so I had to research and create the copywriting with the goal to have visitors buy online and visit the vendor’s local business.

This project is still in the testing stages, but can be viewed online.

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