UX/UI DESIGN, Brand AND Copywriting
A freelance project that was developed for an Affiliate Marketing Group - using Bootstrap.
The Challenge
This is an ongoing Affiliate Marketing project that focuses on weight loss and fitness. The main goal is to create a single intuitive funnel-sales page that allows the visitor to purchase the product online. The future plans – depending on its success, is to create a community online service and a mobile app that will accompany this project.

Affiliate Marketing Project
  1. Branding Design
  2. Logo Design
  3. Mobile Design
  4. UX Design
  5. UI Design
  6. Copywriting

UX Tools
  1. Pen and Paper
  2. Balsamiq
  3. Bubbl.us / Gloomaps.com / Flowmapp.com
  4. Axure RP Pro
  5. Photoshop

Persona - Research
The research for this mobile app phase one - car repair - was very limited because of my many years car ownership and my experiences with car owners – regarding their needs with car repairs. The overall idea is that there are different levels of knowledge in car repairs and the persona I’m displaying is of a newbie in car repair. I created this personas with Photoshop to have a central focus of the possible users of the app.

Sketches and Mind Mapping
When you get involved with a Start Up that has a mind set to create a Mobile First project – you go through a lot of pages of paper coming up with ideas that makes sense. I also, used the online mind mapping tool at www.bubbl.us – to show my ideas and share the concept with the client - the above image was just one example of many created.
User Flow Chart
User Flow
This is a Start Up Company project, so I could not reveal all the details of this project online without a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for everyone who visits my site. There is a ton of work with all the details for each screen for this app – it was a lot of work. I used the Axure RP Pro to map out the user flow. I used www.gloomaps.com for a simple site map.

The wireframing has the visual flow that was needed to figure out where the details would fit. The wireframing flow above is some of the first stages to the concept. I used the Balsamiq program to create all the mobile wireframing concepts.

Mockup Dashboard
This mockup was created to demonstrate the interactions the customer will have within the diet’s program parameters. This is just a concept – there is more work that cannot be shown, because it will violate the non-disclosure.
Branding and Style Guide
I created the Brand, Logo and style guide for the Start Up Company. There are more comprehensive and details for this project, but I kept it limited for my portfolio – until a future date where the company allows me to add more details. I developed the logo with Photoshop and the style guide for the brand.
Design and Content
The design structure, formatting of the pages and content was created by me – but the site will not be up. The client did not have any specifics date for this project to go on the market for testing. This project is still in the testing stages.

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