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All projects require design thinking – this entails the five stage model proposed by the Hasso-Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford. They consist of empathy, define (the issue), ideate, prototype and test – with the focus on these five stages of design thinking - any simple or complex problem has a solution.

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If you already understand what you need to help your business grow – then use my contact form below and send me the details. This way I can ask you any relevant questions and then provide you with a quote.

If you just have an idea, but don’t really know how to get it out there – then let me know the basics with my contact form below - I can sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and give you a quote.

 UX/UI Design
If you understand what UX design process is all about, then it should be the goal for every project, but not all companies and individuals have the finance to do this process. What I do is conduct a lean version of UX design to get a higher chance to reach your goals in sales. UI design will always happen, regardless of the amount of UX your project will require for success. Contact me to discuss your realistic needs today.
Selling a product is not just an image, but the words that are spoken about the product. The success rate in copywriting comes from using precise words that in compass the products ability, but gives the reader an emotional response to the product (or service). That is where copywriting becomes a mixture of science and artful expression – ever the two shall meet will be the sweet spot of success.

 Mobile First Design
In today’s age many companies are developing their ideas into apps for the smart phones. Trying to tap into a market of over 2.1 billion people who carry and use them 24/7 is a smart move. I have been part of this movement and have the experience in creating successful mobile first designs. If this is the direction of your company please contact me and let's discuss the details.
The product or service is ready for the masses – so what are the best channels to market your product or service? Is there a science or is there a method to the madness? The short answer is no. The customer that wants to buy your product is out there you just have to find them using test marketing. Test marketing is taking your product or service to different online channels from AdWords, to social network marketing, to affiliate marketing, to email campaigns and seeing what outcomes will be the best fit for top conversions.

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Hello my name is Ernesto R. Munilla - welcome to my life’s passion – UX and UI design. If you have found me amongst all the other possible UX/UI designers – you are in the right place. I have been developing and working with UX/UI design for more than 12 years. I love a challenge and I stay late to discover what will work for a client, but most importantly – what will work for their customers.

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I enjoy the UX/UI process and the possibilities for a client’s project. I can see the big picture, because I’ve worked with large affiliate marketers that brought in millions of dollars in revenue, to the smaller six figure companies that are also passionate about their business and its details.

The common denominators are always the same - does the product or service you create have an audience that can use it, find it, afford it, and enjoy the process of obtaining it with you. Then what’s it like after the process of obtaining the item or service – do you have a good customer service in place, do they have a good sound process to keep them coming back, buying more, or even spreading the word?

I don’t just view my client’s product or service – I immerse myself with the client’s vision for their product or service they want to offer, and see what the potential is and what the future outcome could be.
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